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The Patient Portal is an area of our electronic health record system, EMA, where patients can interact directly with our clinic through the system and perform many useful and important functions.  It can be accessed from most electronic devices. Below, we will explain in more detail about the functions of the patient portal and how to get started.

New Patients can enter their personal, demographic, and contact information not collected at time of scheduling, as well as their medical history (medical problems, skin problems, medications, allergies, et al), family history, social history, and even your preferred pharmacy information.  

This can all be done at your convenience prior to your first visit, which will save a good deal of time when you check-in for your first appointment!

Established Patients can access all the same areas as new patients, which allows one to correct any inaccurate information or update any changes in your personal or medical information since your last visit.  In addition, you can check your results from lab testing performed and view your pathology reports. (once you have requested your doctor to release them)

Signing Up for the Patient Portal is generally quick and easy, however you will need to provide a valid email address to do so.  The process goes like this:

  • Our clinic staff will need to enable your access to the portal.                                            
    • (new patients) will be enabled when you schedule your appointment 
    • (established patients) will be enabled either at your next scheduling or at the time of     your next visit

Once access is granted, you will receive an email containing your username (the email address you provided to us) and a temporary password, along with a link to our portal website ( Use either GOOGLE CHROME or FIREFOX web browsers for proper function.

- for the first example:  click on “Patient Login” below the blue “Login” bar.

- for the second example:  click on “Continue as Patient

On either example, once you click as above, you will see the login screen for the first example above - however it is now ready for you to use YOUR emailed login information.  If accessing for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password from the email-assigned password to something of your specific choosing.

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